Is Legit? is a well-known website because of being the official website of the ProPlantar night splint. The ProPlantar night splint is used to treat several leg muscle problems including (but not limited to) plantar fasciitis, and is known for doing its job.

The product and the official website of the brand both are solid, but if this is your first time getting the splint then you can understandably be wary. If that is the case and you want to know whether is legit or not, keep reading below to find the answer.

What is is the official website and the business platform for the ProPlantar night splint. The website works as both an information manual and a direct ordering platform for its users.

Why is the ProPlantar night splint famous?

ProPlantar night splint is famous for doing its job, to put it simply. It is a good option for night splint users and is known to make their ailments better. 

ProPlantar night splint is a uniquely designed night splint. It has an ambiguous structure so you can use it for both your feet (even if you buy just one). The splint is unisex so it is suitable for both males and females. It also comes in a nearly universal size and it fits anyone who has a shoe size of 5 and above.

The primary material of the ProPlantar night splint is breathable, light, and comfortable. The light material makes it easier to wear during summer days. The design is a cross between traditional braces and sock braces but is sleek enough to wear even during the daytime. It is easy to put on and easy to adjust for better fitting.

The inner pads of the ProPlantar night splint are made of silicon which prevents it from slipping and keeps it in one place. The Velcro on this splint also holds the splint in place and is long-lasting.

Is legit?

If you’re asking about the website, it is legit. It is simple to use, no ads visible so no chance of you ending up in a phishing incident. The website is free of any virus containment flag by either Google’s transparency report or the Spam404 service. uses an HTTPS connection which means the website link is secure.

If you want to know about the splint itself then yes, that is legit too. The splint does its job, which is why the website is pretty known. The website also has reviews from people stating that the ProPlantar night splint worked for them. So, if you’re wondering whether the night splint works or not, the answer is it does work and is 100% legit.


The ProPlantar website is free of any scam or spam flags, and the night splint itself does its job well. So if you’re still wondering whether is legit, the answer is yes.

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