How To Wrap Foot For Plantar Fasciitis With Ace Bandage

Living with plantar fasciitis can be a big hindrance to your daily routine and activities. Of course, there are steps you can take to manage your pain and improve your symptoms. One of the top things you can do is to wrap your foot with an Ace bandage to accelerate the healing process. 

The Ace bandage is one of the most popular ones to wrap your foot for plantar fasciitis. If you are looking to use this bandage, you are in the right place. Here is your complete guide on how to wrap your foot for plantar fasciitis with an Ace bandage. 

The Purpose Of An Ace Bandage Wrap 

Before you move on to wrapping your foot, you must understand why it is important for your plantar fasciitis. You must remember that wrapping your foot will not reverse your condition or instantly cure it. Instead, the bandage aims to reduce your pain and help you with symptom management. 

Many people use the Ace bandage with other treatment methods such as night splint, orthotic inserts, ice packs, and much more to relieve pain and ensure long-term recovery. The best part about wrapping your foot is that it will guarantee you can walk easily. However, you still must take it easy to avoid burdening your foot. 

The Top Two Methods To Wrap An Ace Bandage On Your Foot

Are you wondering how to wrap the foot for plantar fasciitis with Ace bandage? If you are, here are the top two ways you can use to wrap your foot. You can choose any of these methods, depending on what you prefer:

1. What Ace Recommends 

This method is one that Ace bandage recommends you to follow when using their bandage for your foot. Here are the steps you must follow to wrap your foot plantar fasciitis with an Ace bandage in no time:

  • Start beneath the biggest foot toe, at the foot’s ball, and keep going above your foot to cover everything
  • You must overlap each layer with the previous one. According to Ace, you must overlap it and you must not leave any gaps to ensure even distribution of the bandage
  • When you wrap the foot’s sole, you must stop after you cover 2/3rds of your heel. That is because the bandage must sit low on your ankle and you must not bandage it in a way to wrap it completely
  • You can secure the Ace bandage using elastic clips
  • You can also secure it using self-adhering tape

These are the five steps you must follow if you want to learn how to wrap your foot for plantar fasciitis with an Ace bandage. This is the method that the bandage company recommends and it is easy to follow for everyone. It will take you only a few minutes to wrap your bandage in this way. 

2. A More Supportive Method To Wrap Foot With Ace Bandage 

If you are following the method recommended by Ace, that is great. However, many people find that it is not as supportive. If you also feel this way you can always learn how to wrap the foot for plantar fasciitis with Ace bandage using this method:

  • Begin by wrapping the bandage beneath your toes at the foot’s ball
  • Layer in the same way that Ace recommends, but rather than going till the heel, you must wrap your Ace bandage around the area for the best results 
  • Return to the starting position from the inside towards the outer side of the foot. After this, your bandage must stop under your smallest toe
  • Return your bandage to your foot’s top
  • Finish the process by going under your foot to create a zig-zag shape. The cross of the bandage must be at the centre of your plantar fascia

Once you follow this method, you will find that it is much more supportive than the first one. It will keep your foot pain in check and ensure your symptoms don’t get worse. Keep in mind that you still have to take it slow and avoid any activities that will cause additional strain to your foot. 

How The Ace Bandage Works To Improve Your Plantar Fasciitis 

You might be wondering how a bandage can help with pain management and alleviating symptoms. Well, let us help you understand. When you wrap your foot using a bandage, the movement of your plantar fascia will become limited. 

When you limit the movement of the ligament in such a way, it prevents the ligament from stretching more than needed or moving abnormally. The wrap prevents your plantar fasciitis from getting worse and ensures that you don’t get any tears in your ligament as you begin your healing process. So, the limitation of movement will keep everything in place and guarantee you can begin healing in no time. 

Tips To Ensure Your Ace Bandage Works Properly 

You must follow the right instructions and tips to guarantee you heal in no time and the bandage works wonders on you. Here are the top tips that will help ensure you get the most out of your Ace bandage:

  • Ensure your feet are clean and dry all the time 
  • As you wash the feet, be sure not to utilize a hydrating soap so the tape can stick on the bandage surface 
  • The athletic tape should be used during daytime and you have to take it off at night to let your skin breathe
  • If you are using the Kinesio tape, you must leave it for two or three days before the glue wears away naturally
  • Don’t indulge in strenuous activities when you have your bandage on or even otherwise

Final Words 

That was your complete guide on how to wrap the foot for plantar fasciitis with Ace bandage and how you can make the most of this method. Once you start using this bandage with other treatment methods, you will notice significant healing. So, begin your healing journey today and get rid of plantar fasciitis pain in no time. 

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