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Plantar Fasciitis Home Treatment for Fast Relief

Heel pain, or plantar fasciitis, is not only painful but highly immobilizing. If you are a sufferer of this painful condition, you may find that you are unable to do seemingly simple tasks that you previously enjoyed. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue found at the bottom of your foot. Inflammation usually occurs when the tissue tears, and this may be as a result of many factors. Too much exercise or activity, and being overweight are listed as reasons why plantar fasciitis happens. However, there is really not a single cause that has been isolated. Fortunately, there are plantar fasciitis home treatment methods that you can try at little to no cost.

Wear better footwear. If your footwear collection consists of high heels only, you might want to switch to low and moderate heels. It is also advisable to get shoes with arch support, although you do not want to get your feet accustomed to arch support all the time. Shoes with a lot of support prevent your tendons and tissue from getting stronger and healing.

Change your sport. High impact sports will only make your plantar fasciitis worse. A simple plantar fasciitis home remedy is to choose low impact sports such as swimming or bicycling, and lay off the running, jogging and walking for a while.


Plantar Fasciitis Home Treatment Stretches

Foot massageStretch your arches. There are simple exercises that you can carry out at home to stretch your plantar fascia, calf muscles and the Achilles tendon. These exercises should be done consistently if you are hoping to get long term results. Calf stretching should be done before you get out of bed in order to avoid the pain that usually accompanies that first step you take when leaving the bed.

Foam roll your muscles. Foam rolling is yet another plantar fasciitis home treatment that your body will appreciate. The trick is to foam roll all the muscles on the body above the plantar. Foam cylinders come in different sizes and densities and you will need to choose one that is just right for you.

Relieve tightness in your plantar fascia using a ball. A golf, tennis or lacrosse ball will be needed for this. Simply place the ball on the ground and roll it under your foot, paying special focus to all the parts of your foot. Apply enough pressure so that the tissue is deeply massaged.


Get an ice massage. For an ice massage, you’ll need to freeze a water bottle or a ball and then roll it on the ground under your foot. The thing with ice is that it numbs the pain, bring about instant relief. It is not a long term solution however, as it only addresses the symptom.

Opt for a heating pad. For some people, heat only serves to worsen the pain of plantar fasciitis. If you can take a little bit of heat, use a heating pad that has been set on low to boost circulation, soften your tissues and accelerate the healing process. Remember inflammation is a symptom that indicates the tissue is tearing, and requires repair.

Use a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to combat the pain. You may opt for pills or a cream that you can rub over the sore area. If you are wondering how to get rid of plantar fasciitis for good, drugs may not be your best bet as they only provide short term relief.

Wear night splints. Night splints work by gently stretching the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon and ensuring they do not get tight during the night. If the tissue and tendon get taut, inflammation is likely to result.

Get enough rest. Your body repairs itself during sleep. It is therefore necessary to get enough rest in order to allow damaged tissues to regenerate. During sleep, growth hormones are released by the body and this prompt the body to renew itself. It may seem like a simple plantar fasciitis home treatment approach but it definitely works.


Final Plantar Fasciitis Home Treatment Remedies

Lose any extra weight. Plantar fasciitis is noted to be prevalent in overweight populations, due to the strain placed on the feet by the body weight. Cutting down your weight is a great way to lessen this strain. Shedding those extra pounds does not happen overnight but if you are committed to it, it will eventually happen. Opt for low impact exercises such as swimming and a healthier diet and you may well be on your way to a heel pain-free life.

Most people looking for plantar fasciitis home treatment make the mistake of seeking remedies that offer an instant fix, when in fact such treatments do not exist. And if they do, they do not address the root cause. If you have been struggling with heel pain for a considerably lengthy period of time, you might want to seek professional advice from a doctor.

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